About ISST





ISST: A premier school with recognized excellence in sustainable tourism education in the ASEAN region.




To be the catalyst in the transformation of tourism into more inclusive, responsible and sustainable industry in the ASEAN region, enhancing the benefits of local communities, upscaling the businesses of small and medium enterprises, and supporting the capacity building needs of concerned private, government and non-government organizations working in the tourism sector.


Core Values


INTEGRITY. We will act with integrity by being accountable, respectful, trustworthy and honest in all our actions to maintain the good name of the school.


SUSTAINABILITY. We will act in a manner that is environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable in administration, academic, and research programs. 


SERVICE WITH RESPECT. We dedicate our service with respect to tourism advocates by creating innovative programs for the society and the environment that promote sustainable development and inclusive growth to communities.


TEAMWORK. We share responsibilities, hardwork, and resourcefulness in the pursuit of ISST mission, goals, and objectives towards excellence and professionalism. 




  1. To develop capacities of government, NGOs and SMEs in planning, managing, and implementing innovative tourism projects.
  2. To equip workers in the tourism industry with the core values, knowledge and skills on sustainable tourism.
  3. To initiate advocacies for more responsible tourism and promoting tourism as a key driving force towards inclusive economic development, environmental sustainability, cultural sensitivity, and preservation of natural tourism resources for the future generation.
  4. To establish partnerships, cooperation and network with local and international institutions working in the tourism industry for greater synergy.